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What We Do

Manage Operations

We are experts at providing safe, reliable, and maximum uptime.

Guardrail specializes in mining operations and support for multiple large, public and private mines.

Planning and Advising

We consult and advise every step of the way, including design, construction, and operations. 

From solving airflow issues, to optimal load distribution, to networking and cable design, we offer a holistic approach to your needs. 


Build Bitcoin Mines

From site selection to energization, our experience will lead the way. Exceed your goals and avoid the many pitfalls and bottlenecks associated with building a Bitcoin mine.

We provide the guardrails.

Repair and Maintenance

Our experts troubleshoot and fix many of the problems found in nextgen ASIC miners. 



Keeping you on track

From zero to hash, our experience is unmatched. 

Whether we are designing, building, managing your mine, or deploying your fleet we have the motivated teams to streamline your success.



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“Our core values are integrity, commitment, and excellence. This is the Guardrail standard."

Brett Garman -CTO